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Praying Scripture Over Our Pastors - Day 31

By Deaconess Roslind Moore in Wellspring Church about 1 year ago | 1612 views

Ezekiel 34:1-10; Titus 1:5-9

As we enter the final day of 31 days praying for our pastors, I encourage you to read the two passages above and thank God that He has given Wellspring pastors after His own heart. Let’s praise God in prayer for leaders who care for us, feed us, and protect us from spiritual predators vs. leaders who, for their own personal gain, prey upon the very sheep they are supposed to care for, feed, and protect. 

God has been good to us, Wellspring! And one of the many evidences of His goodness is pastors who are totally sold out for the Lord and who submit to His leading, correction, and guidance. 

Thank you for praying with us this entire month for our pastors!

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Deacon Vladimir Sylvestre

Thank you for reminding us for the past 31 days on how to specifically pray for our pastors.

Deaconess Roslind Moore

My pleasure, Deacon!

On Oct 31, 2017 18:18, “Deacon Vladimir Sylvestre on The City” <
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Pastor Dwayne Bond

Deaconess Roz, 

Your faithfulness to post these specific, heart-felt prayers everyday for us has been so life-giving and refreshing to my soul.  You continue to honor, support and serve me, the elders, and all of us so well.  Thank you for rallying people together to pray.  Incredibly grateful and encouraged as a pastor (1 Tim 5:17).

Pastor Bond

Deaconess Roslind Moore

Amen! Thanks, PB. It is a privilege to serve with you, Pastor!

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