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Now What? - Applying the Sermon to Life ("Spiritual Gifts")

By Pastor Dwayne Bond in Wellspring Church about 1 year ago | 5637 views Link:

Hello Family, 

I’m grateful that I was able to share God’s Word and my heart with you concerning spiritual gifts on Sunday.  I hope you were encouraged and looking forward to learning about this important topic over the coming weeks.  Here are a few questions that will help you further apply the message to your life.

For the Kids/Students

1.  What is one thing that you hope to accomplish in 2018?  Why?

2.  From what you heard on Sunday, how can you begin exploring your spiritual gift(s)?  Did you hear me mention a spiritual gift that may be the one that you possess (i.e., prophecy, service, teaching, exhortation, generosity, leadership, knowledge, faith, distinguishing spirits, mercy, and healing)?  If not, what do you think is the gift that the Holy Spirit has given you?

3.  Have you ever not used a very important and special gift that someone has given you?  What would happen if you lived your life without ever using the spiritual gift that the Holy Spirit gave you?  If you are not a believer, would you like to receive God’s free gift?

4.  How does the fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy in 2:28-29 encourage you as a Christian?  If you’re not a Christian, would you like to become one?

For the Adults

1.  How did the Holy Spirit minister to you through the preached Word?

2.  How does our “Christian” and religious upbringing shape our perspective and understanding of spiritual gifts?  Why is it important to allow the Bible to shape our understanding of spiritual gifts as opposed to our church affiliation and denominational background?

3.  Why is it important to be gracious with one another when discussing spiritual gifts?  How can our conversations around spiritual gifts lean towards being unhelpful, divisive and create opportunity for us to walk in the flesh?  Let’s create a culture whereby we can celebrate where we have come from and how that’s shaped the way we think.

4.  According to Romans 12:3-8, grace has been given to Christians in the distribution of gifts. How can we take pleasure in God over this reality?

5.  According to Acts 1:8, the church will be and is empowered by the Holy Spirit for the good of our communities, city, and world.  How would you like the Spirit to move through you in 2018?  What about through our gospel community and church?

6.  Why is it so easy to shelve your particular spiritual gift and never use it in our church?  Do you know your spiritual gift? (If you are a partner you should have taken a spiritual gifts inventory during the Partnership process.  If you can’t find your results or don’t remember taking it, let your GC leader know.

7.  What are you hoping to learn and apply to your life from this series?  How can we pray for you to that end?

Pastor B

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Linette Benson

Excited for this series!

Pastor Dwayne Bond

I’m so glad Linette!

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