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Now What? - Applying the Word to Life ("Remember Faithful Jesus" - 2 Timothy 2:1-13)

Hello Family,

I am still at a loss for words.  Friday night’s celebration of God’s faithfulness was more than I could ever expect.  Thank you again to Deaconess Roslind and her team of faithful servants that planned and executed the best celebration that I’ve ever been a part of.  Many guests were blessed beyond measure and in awe of our God.  To God Be the Glory.

As if Friday wasn’t enough, Sunday was even more awe-inspiring as we celebrated Jesus in corporate worship.  The Holy Spirit poured out on us.  It was a rich time in the Lord.  God is truly good.  

It was a blessing to preach 2 Timothy 2, as we anticipate and plan for the next 10-20 years.  Thank you worship team for the powerful Spirit-filled worship.  God was present and pleased.  His anointing was at work.

Now, let’s get after it and apply His Word to our hearts.  There’s much that God wants to do in us.

For the Kids or Students

1.  Why are older people who know Jesus as Savior so helpful to us?

2.  What is grace?  Why can we rely on grace to strengthen us?

3.  Have you considered that God may want to use you to teach others about Him?  Why or why not? How do you take steps in that direction?  What does 2 Timothy 2:2 teach us about those that God desires to use?

4.  Do you suffer for Jesus?  How can we “share in suffering” together?

5.  Why is it so easy to forget Jesus?  How do you remember Jesus?

For the Adults

1.  How did the Holy Spirit move upon your heart through the message?

2.  What does it look like to fan into flame the gift(s) that God has put in you?  Are you making your gift available for God to use it?  How?  Why?

3.  What keeps your heart from being ashamed of the Lord?  What was going on in Peter’s heart when he denied the Lord three times?

4.  How can grace strengthen you?  How can you be strengthened by “continual grace?”

5.  Why is true discipleship multiplication only possible through faithful disciples?  What does a faithful disciple look like?  

6.  How can we “share in suffering” together?  Why is isolation such a tool of the enemy to turn you away from God and one another?  Do you know anyone who is isolating themselves while suffering?  How would you seek to reach them?

7.  What does it mean to “live with singleness of purpose to obey Jesus,” “play by the rules of His Word,” and “work hard?”

8.  How are you remembering faithful Jesus?  Why is this so important as we seek to cooperate with God’s desire to build this church?

9.  Here’s the good news in all of this – if we are faithless, He is still FAITHFUL!  Why is this so freeing and grace-filled?

Praying for you this week as you encounter Jesus!

Pastor Bond

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