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Applying the Sermon - "The Salt Life - Living in the Hope of God" Mt 5:3-16

Hello Family,

I pray everyone is having a great start to the week.  God met with us on Sunday with a rich time of praise & worship and studying his word together.  If you missed the sermon feel free to listen here.

For the Kids and Students

1.  Why do you think it is impossible to follow all God’s commands and expectations in the Bible?

2.  Do you remember a time when you tried hard to the right thing but failed?  How did that feel?

3. Based on verses 3-5 what must be our attitude be if we are to follow God?

4.  What is one area in your life we can pray for you to become more like Jesus?

For the Adults

1.  How did God use this passage to minister to you?  How was your view and understanding of the Beatitudes impacted?

2.  What current struggle in your life needs a second look from God’s perspective in light of this passage?  In what ways might you need to recognize a sin pattern?

3.  What does mourning over your sin look life in your current situation?  How can clinging to God’s grace and forgiveness provide freedom?

4.  What is currently satisfying you?  Or what are you seeking/doing to satisfy yourself?  In what ways can we develop a longing for Jesus to be our satisfaction?  

5. Think of a difficult situation you are currently facing.  Is this trouble, persecution, exclusion, or pain have anything to do with your stand for God.  If so, rejoice!  If not what are some ways you seek God during a “stormy” season? 

6. How can we help you journey towards Godliness in your current season, try to be specific.

Looking forward exploring this text more with you this week.

Pastor Tommy


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