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Now What? - Applying the Sermon to Life ("Woke Living - Pt 2" - 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28)

Hello Family,

I hope you’re having a wonderful week.  As I reflect on this past Sunday, my heart is glad for what God has taught us in 1 Thessalonians.  May your heart be encouraged even as we apply His Word to life together.

For the Kids and Students

1.  When you hear someone say, “Jesus is coming back one day,” what do you think about that?   

2.  What does it mean to “stay woke” until Jesus returns?

3.  What should be our response to each other as believers according to verses 14-15?  What does it look like for you to confront the idle, console the discouraged, and support the weak?  How can God use you?

4.  According to verses 16-19, what should be our response to God as “woke believers?”

5.  Based on verses 12-28, do you feel like Jesus is helping you stay woke?  If so, how?  If not, why?

For the Adults

1.  What was the most meaningful passage to you in our text this week?

2.  As you think about the five points or responses as a “woke believer,”which one do you see the most lived out in your life?  Which one do you need more grace to live out?

3.  Why do we need the Holy Spirit at work in our hearts as we serve the idle, discouraged, and weak?  How would you like to see patience cultivated in your life and heart?

4.  What is the best way to confront the idle?  In other words, talk through the best way to approach people.  Also, as a gospel community, discuss how to help each other if you become idle, discouraged, or weak?

5.  Based on our responses to God, according to verses 16-19, which areas are you seeing active in your heart and life?  In which areas would you like to see God grow you more?

6.  How are you abstaining from evil?  Are you?  How?  Why does the gospel allow us to abstain?  What is the fruit of abstaining?

7.  Take a moment and pray verses 23-24 together.

Looking forward to seeing you this week as we experience God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Bond

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