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Now What? - Applying the Sermon to Life ("More and More Like Jesus" - 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12)

Hello Family,

Being a part of our church is such a joy to my soul.  I hope your heart was encouraged as mine was by the outpouring of the Spirit upon our time on Sunday.  If you missed the message, feel free to listen on the website.

Let’s apply the word to our hearts.

For the Kids

1)  What would help your faith in Jesus Christ to grow?

2)  What does it mean to become more like Jesus?  Do you feel like you are becoming more like Him?  If so, in what area?  If not, why do you think this is the case?

3)  What does brotherly love mean?  What did Jesus do that allows us to love one another?

For the Students

1)  What areas could you afford to grow in for your faith in Christ to increase?

2)  Do you think Paul could say to you, do more and more of how you’re living right now?  Why?  Why not?

3)  How’s your sexual purity?  In what areas would you like to grow?  How has Jesus freed us to live in holiness?  

4)  How can we be praying for your sanctification and sexual purity?

For the Adults

1)  What areas would you like to grow in for your faith in Christ to increase?

2)  From the three areas that Paul addressed with the Thessalonians, which one are you struggling with the most (conduct, sexual purity, and brotherly love)?  Which one are you having the most victory in?  Why is that?

3)  Why should holiness matter to the Christ follower?  How do we short-change our own personal holiness?

4.  What does it mean to abstain from sexual immorality?  How do you abstain from sexual immorality?  I mentioned on Sunday how porneia works itself out.  Why does porneia rob so many of us of enjoying the pleasure of sex in marriage?  Our sexual activity in marriage is WITHOUT LIMITS as long as whatever activity we engage in is mutually agreed upon by each spouse.

5)  How can we do a better job of checking in on each others sanctification and/or sexual purity or should we?

6)  If you are single, how are you distancing yourself from sexual immorality?  What about if you’re married?  Parents, do you have any questions about how you can help your children and students grow in sexual purity?

7)  I rejoice in the brotherly love that I see and hear about at Wellspring.  How can we do more and more of this?

Have a wonderful week and remember to pray for our gathering this Sunday as a guest preacher ministers God’s Word to us.

Pastor Bond

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