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Hello Family,

As I mentioned at the end of our gathering yesterday, we want to have an Olympic Games Competition on the last weekend in June.  This will be open to the entire church community, our families, friends, etc.  We will have all types of games (i.e., relays, jacks, thinking, athletic, simple, creative, artistic, silly, etc.) and fun activities.  It will be a great time for kids of all ages as well as adults.

As a visionary, I can see it but I need talented and capable people to help see it come to pass ;)  I want to build a team of people who can function as a planning committee.  

Since Sunday, one incredibly skilled and talented person has already volunteered.  Let me know if they are others.  We want to start planning as soon as possible.

Please let me know if you have the margin and interest to serve.

It’s going to an event full of memories that we’ll never forget!


Pastor B

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Tiera Swanson

Happy to help. I’ll be in Florida next week just FYI since planning starts soon.

Pastor Dwayne Bond

Got it. Thanks Tiera. I’ll be in touch.
Travel safe.

Pastor Dwayne Bond

UPDATE – We have secured two strong planning team volunteers.  We need three more people to form a core team.  

Who else is in?  

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