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Now What? - Applying the Sermon to Life ("Benefits of Being a Child of God" - 1 John 2)

Hello Family,

We were blessed this past Sunday by Pastor Steven Waganer’s message.  It was exactly what we needed as a church.  Personally, my heart was encouraged, grateful and my love for Jesus grew after hearing what he had to say.  Praise God!  

If you missed our gathering, I encourage you to listen here.  I’m so thankful for Pastor Steven’s  heart, love and ministry.  I hope you were blessed as well.

In order to help us apply the message to our hearts, he gave me a few questions to share with you.  GC leaders, feel free to ask the kids and students any variation of these questions as well when you meet.


1.  In what ways has the instruction from your father, mother, or parental guardian shaped your thoughts about God?

2.  What are some ways that you tangibly live out of your identity as a child of the Father?

3.  How do we treat other lost children who have not yet been adopted by this good Father (God)?

4.  Where are some other places in the Bible where God displays his fatherly attributes?

5.  How does viewing God as our good Father shape the way we talk to Him in prayer?

May the Holy Spirit be with you as you ponder these questions.

Pastor Bond

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