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Now What? - Applying the Sermon to Life ("Remember that God's Love and Justice Transforms")

By Pastor Dwayne Bond in Wellspring Church about 1 year ago | 334 views Link:

Hello Family,

As you reflect upon what you heard this past Sunday during our gathering, let’s work through these questions together.  If you are in a Gospel Community, your leader will review these questions with you when you meet.  If you are not in a GC, please feel free to join the one nearest you – Ballantyne, Monroe/Weddington, Mint Hill and University.

Let’s apply God’s Word together.

For the Kids/Students

1.  What was one thing that you learned from hearing the message?  Why did that stick out to you?

2.  Did you sense that God was calling you to respond to Him in any certain way?  If so, how? If not, why don’t you think that was the case?

3.  According to verse 1, how are you tempted to “feed on the wind?”  Why is it such a waste for us to live for idols instead of living wholeheartedly for God?

4.  Since Jacob was sinful and yet transformed by God, Hosea was calling Israel to repent and turn back to God.  How is God transforming you?  In what area of your life do you need to repent of and turn to trusting God more?

5.  How can God’s love and justice continue transforming you?  How can you cooperate with what God wants to do in you to make this a reality?

For the Adults

1.  How did the Spirit of God minister to you through Sunday’s message?

2.  What specifically did you sense God saying to you or inviting you to believe about Him?

3.  Why is it tempting for us to “feed on the wind (futility)?”  How do we get our hearts more enthralled with feeding on God and His faithfulness?  

4.  What alliances are you tempted to build for yourself in order to keep yourself safe and secure?  Take a moment and think about it before you answer.  Why does the alliance with God through the gospel give us such a surety in satisfaction and joy?  

5.  Jacob wrestled with God and was radically transformed.  What do you find yourself wrestling with God about these days?  What do you want Him to do in you and your life?

6.  Why do reminders about God’s faithfulness tend to give us faith and hope for today’s challenges?  How has God been faithful to you lately?

7.  Like Israel, why is it such an allure to believe that our status, wealth, tenure as a Christian, background and class can excuse and hide our sin?  How do we deal with this in our hearts so that we can confess and repent before God more freely?

8.  What past deliverance in your life compels you to remember God’s faithfulness?

That’s enough questions for now.  Have a great time discussing these with your GC and family.  See you Sunday.

Pastor Bond

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