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Hello Family,

I hope you had an enjoyable Sunday evening.  What a beautiful time of worship we had on Sunday.  Still celebrating!

As we turn the corner on the next ten to twenty years, I want to remind you of our theme and refresh your hearts around a few things.  First, as we come to the close of 1 Thessalonians in two weeks, I want to echo Paul’s words to the Thessalonian church.

“We give thanks to God always for all of you, constantly mentioning you in our prayers, remembering before our God and Father your work of faith and labor of love and steadfastness of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Thess. 1:2-3

I’m so grateful for each one of you.  Your work of faith, labor of love and steadfastness of hope in Jesus brings me persistent joy.  So know that you are loved and often prayed for.

Secondly, as we seek to live out the reality of our theme Upward & Outward, I want to invite you to make steps toward our goal for the year.  The idea of “Upward” comes from our earnest desire to pursue Christ and be transformed by Him.  As we seek Him, we will find Him and His transforming power will make us like Him.

How does this happen?

By being discipled, discipling, and serving His church.  Let me tease this out one at at time.


Discipleship happens by us pursuing God daily in prayer, studying His Word, and gathering with those who are seeking to do the same (your church family).  You can be further discipled by joining a Growth Group, being individually discipled, attending a Gospel Community in your area, and faithfully being present at our weekly Sunday morning Worship Gatherings.

Are you being discipled?

Do you want to be discipled?  If so, let me know.

If you are being discipled already, which means that you are engaged in what I’ve mentioned above, then the next question is “Who are you discipling?”


If you are a woman and desire to disciple other women, let me know by sending me a direct message.  I’ll talk to you about your walk with the Lord, margin and availability to disciple another woman.

If you are a man and desire to disciple another man, let me know.  In about a month, the men’s ministry will be launching several cohorts of 4-5 men led my qualified and faithful men at Wellspring.  These men will journey together through books in person, be strengthened and encouraged and pray for one another.  If you are interested in participating in a cohort, let me know by sending me a direct message.  We are currently forming a list of men who desire to be a part of this.


If you are being discipled and discipling others, the next step is serving in God’s church.  Part of growing in Christ is giving ourselves away for the good of His church.  

What are your gifts?  

What is your passion?  

What do you like to do?  

What don’t you like to do?  

What experience do you have that could help our church?  

Where can you serve?

When you volunteer to serve in a ministry in our church, you grow closer to Jesus and to those who you serve with.  If you are currently serving -- thank you!  If you can do more, let me know.  We will assess your life and ministry balance and move forward appropriately.  If you aren’t serving, let me know and we’ll let you know when our next Volunteer Training Session will take place.

Let’s grow upward together!

As we grow upward, we also want to grow outward.  We don’t want to be a church that is isolated from those who need Jesus.  We want to give our lives away, love and serve people, and share the good news of Jesus Christ so that people meet Him.


If you haven’t received a REACH 2 band, please pick one up at the Life in the Spring (LITS) table.  This band will remind you throughout the year and beyond to REACH 2 people for Jesus.

Currently, our Acts 1:8 team is diligently working and planning so that we can engage the community together.  For example, if you have signed up as a Lunch Buddy to serve students at Sedgefield Middle School, thank you.  The Acts 1:8 team will be sharing more opportunities for us to serve throughout the year.

However, in the meantime, here are a few questions that can help you think about how you can be growing outward as an individual and family apart from what we do collectively as a church.

- Who is your neighbor?  Who lives on both sides of you?  Do you know more than ten neighbors who need Jesus in your neighborhood?  Start asking God to put your neighbors on your heart.

- Are your current co-workers not-yet-believers or church goers?  Is God allowing you to engage in conversations about life, culture, or spiritual things?  Consider praying daily that God open up doors for conversations to take place.

- How can you serve your neighbors or co-workers?  What tangible ways can God use you to demonstrate the love of Christ to them?

- What not-yet-believer can you invite over your house for dinner?

- What not-yet-believer, marginal believer, or broke-down believer can you invite to our worship gathering?  If God ever puts someone on your heart to bring, please do it and let our Director of Hosting (Deacon Konata Reid) know so that we can thoughtfully engage them when they come.

- If you were to reach ten people this year with the good news of Jesus, who would they be?  Take a moment and make a list of these ten people.  Now, consider praying for them daily to meet Jesus.  

Thank you for reading this and for allowing me to shepherd you through growing upward and outward in 2017.

If you have any questions, let me know.  I’m praying for you and we trust Jesus to make much of Himself through us.

Pastor B

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Deaconess Roslind Moore

Thank you for this, Pastor B. It’s comforting to know that we are prayed
for and good to be reminded why we are here. I sometimes allow busyness to
stop me from fully engaging in mission. This helps to refocus.

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