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Now What? - Applying the Sermon to Life ("The Fruit of Idolatry" - Hosea 9)

By Pastor Dwayne Bond in Wellspring Church 11 months ago | 342 views Link:

Hello Family,

I hope you are having a fruitful week even as you reflect over this past Sunday and how God met with us.  I talked about the fruit of idolatry.  In other words, what we receive and earn from a life committed to idolatry.  Idolatry leads nowhere.  The worship of God and God alone offers so much more… 

Let’s learn together from the message as we seek to eat of the fruit of righteousness and not the fruit of idolatry.

For the Kids and Students

1.  What was the most life-changing phrase or truth that you heard during the message?  Why was it life-changing?  If you can’t think of anything, simply share what you learned.

2.  Why does trusting in our idols or anything but God create distance between us and God?

3.  Why does idolatry promise more than it can deliver?  Why do we invest our lives in other things at the expense of investing it in knowing God?  How can we change?

4.  What is the biblical response to dealing with idolatry in our hearts?  What do you find yourself tempted to worship more than God?  What do you think would happen if Christians in America confessed and repented of their idolatry?

5.  What would it look like for you to become a “truth-teller?”  What has to happen in your life in order for you to be more committed to telling the truth of Jesus to those who need to hear it?

6.  Based upon our text, how will you commit to live differently?

For the Adults

1.  How did the Holy Spirit bless you during the message as you heard the Word preached?  

2.  What surfaced in your heart as you heard the message?  What is God calling you to do with what surfaced?

3.  Why is it so tempting to commit ourselves to our idols and then give credit to them when we succeed and blame God when they don’t?

4.  How can we lead out as a church in dealing with the evangelical idolatry in America?  What specifically can we repent of?  What specifically do you need to repent of?

5.  Take a moment to celebrate the fact that although we are unfaithful at times, we aren’t exiled from God.  Why is the gospel so important to us when we are unfaithful to Jesus?

6.  What does it look like for you to hate idolatry when you see it looming in your heart?

7.  I mentioned that our nation needs truth-tellers of all races standing up and speaking out against idolatry.  Why should we speak out against ALL injustices and not just the ones that matter the most to us?

8.  In verses 11-14, we saw that the fruit of idolatry wasn’t pretty for Israel.  How would repentance have changed Israel?  What would it do for America?  

9.  Let’s begin praying for national repentance.

See you Sunday.

Pastor Bond

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