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Now What? - Applying the Sermon to My Life ("Shepherded Sheep" - 1 Thessalonians 3:1-13)

Hello Family,

I’m so grateful that those of us who belong to Christ by grace through faith are shepherded by the Chief Shepherd.  I’m thankful.  My heart rejoices.  Jesus is our shepherd.

To prevent us from being left to ourselves or left without help, Jesus graciously gives us one another but also called men who serve as elders.  These men lay down their lives so that sheep are shepherded and cared for until they see Jesus.  Are you a shepherded sheep?

Let’s apply the message to our hearts.

For the Kids

1.  What is one thing that you know about sheep?  Do sheep need a shepherd?  If so, why?

2.  What do shepherds do for sheep?  How was Paul and Timothy helpful shepherds according to what we learned from God’s Word?

3.  Who helps to shepherd you besides God?  Do you allow your parents to shepherd you?  What does that mean?

For the Students

1.  What would happen to you if God stopped shepherding you?  What would happen if you stopped allowing your parents to shepherd you?

2.  How do you allow your parents to shepherd you?  How are you similar to a sheep?

3.  What needs to change in your heart right now in order for your parents to have more of a shepherding role in your life?  What sins are preventing you from benefiting from their shepherding?  Confess these sins and ask God to help you repent.

4.  How can the elders shepherd you better?  What’s lacking in your faith (v10)?  How is Jesus shepherding you right now?

For the Adults

1.  When you think of your own growth in Christ, do you allow people to check in on you spiritually?  How is God using people in your life?  If He isn’t, why is that?

2.  What would help you become more established and exhorted in your faith?

3.  How did Paul’s heart for the Thessalonians impact you?  Did it offer any reminders for you?  Longings?  Desires?

4.  Why is it hard to believe that we are destined for afflictions (v3)?  In light of this truth, how can we respond when life seems unfair or really tough?  Are you allowing the people around you to encourage you in your afflictions?

5.  Jesus cares about our faith more than we can imagine.  Knowing this, what does this do for you?

6.  Let’s ask God to renew our passion for seeing people grow in the faith.  Can you think of a person who brings you “life” based on their growth in Jesus?  Who around you needs you to care, and help them get established in the faith?

7.  Investing in people’s lives is one of the greatest joys of a disciple-making Christian.  As you think about your life, what would be a prayer of yours for how you’d desire God to use you?

8.  Is there anything else you’d like to share?  Pray that God would use you to grow upward and outward.

Looking forward to getting into chapter 4 this week.

Pastor Bond

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