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Daylight Saving Time & City Update

By Deaconess Roslind Moore in Wellspring Church about 1 year ago | 652 views Link:

Hello, Wellspring!

I cannot believe that we are less than a month away from Thanksgiving! Fall is here and Daylight Saving Time is around the corner. This weekend, we turn our clocks back one hour. Before you go to bed on Saturday, turn your clocks back. We should all be bright-eyed and ready to go on Sunday morning.  :-)

Also, take the time to review your demographic information on The City. If you have moved or changed phone numbers in the last year or so, please update your information. This will ensure you receive important communications in a timely fashion. 

To review/update your information, log into The City. Once logged in, click on “View Profile” underneath your picture in the upper right-hand corner. Once inside your profile, look underneath your picture on the left-hand side for “Contact Info.” If you need to change anything, click on “Edit” next to Contact Info. Let me know if you need assistance. 

Thanks and see you Sunday!


Deaconess Roz

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Pastor Dwayne Bond

Thank you Deaconess Roz!

Deaconess Roslind Moore

You’re welcome!

Deaconess Roslind Moore

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour before you go to bed tonight!!

Faye Dickerson

Thank you for both reminders!

Deaconess Roslind Moore

You’re welcome, Faye!

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Deaconess Cheryl Hay

Thanks for the reminder!

Deaconess Roslind Moore

You’re welcome Cheryl!

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