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By Pastor Dwayne Bond in Wellspring Church about 1 year ago | 539 views Link:

Hello Family,

Looking forward to beginning our Christmas season tomorrow.  Please join us as we worship, and draw near to Christ, particularly in this glorious season.  Praying that many will come to now our King over the next few weeks.

As we seek to make Jesus known, over the past ten years, we have been committed to church planting.  Historically, we’ve given financially to individual church planters to assist them in caring for their families as they seek to bring the gospel to their particular cities.  We’ve seen a lot of people saved through these churches and much gospel fruit.

Over the last two years, I’ve been serving and working with Leaders Collective to help pastors and church planters sustain healthy, fruitful ministry – so they – through Jesus’ church – can advance the gospel throughout the world.  It’s been a joy to personally partner with them.  I’ve seen men grow, be transformed, and fueled with a passion for Jesus Christ and many churches planted.

Well, starting in 2018, Wellspring Church will be partnering with Leaders Collective to help plant churches throughout the country.  This will be our primary strategy to planting healthy churches. What this means is that in addition to those church planters, missionaries, and organizations that we support, we will be financially and prayerfully supporting Leaders Collective in order to tangibly and indirectly help men plant healthy churches.

To bring these men near to you, from time to time, you’ll hear from them via video during the worship gathering as well as online via The City.  To acquaint yourself with these men and the organization, please stop by the Life in the Spring table tomorrow to pick up a card, which will have their picture, names, and the names of their churches.  Please clip this card on your refrigerator and commit to praying for them regularly.

I’m excited to see these men grow in health and plant healthy churches that will make disciples who make disciples.  Your prayers and financial giving is changing the world.  

See you in the morning,

Pastor Bond

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Deaconess Roslind Moore

What a marvelous update; thanks PB! Excited about partnering with LC and
will be praying for these guys and you as you continue to support them.
Looking forward to worship tomorrow!

Pastor Dwayne Bond

Thank you Deaconess Roz. Thrilled!
On Dec 2, 2017, at 10:13 PM, Deaconess Roslind Moore on The City <(email address removed)> wrote:

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