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Now What? - Applying the Sermon to Your Life (“Relating in Spirit-filled Love” - Romans 12:9-20)

By Pastor Dwayne Bond in Wellspring Church 12 months ago | 1208 views Link:

Hello Family,

I hope your hearts were stirred for Jesus this past Sunday as we worshipped together and learned from God’s Word. I’m thrilled to learn with you about spiritual gifts and the rightful role that they play in our Christian life. As we explore this subject, let’s never lose track of the need in our lives to relate with Spirit-filled love as we are unleashed!

Let’s apply God’s truth together.

For the Kids/Students

1. How did the Holy Spirit minister to you on Sunday through our time in the Word?
2. What gripped your heart the most? What was your take-away from the message?
3. How did the message challenge you to grow and call you to a deeper love for Jesus?
4. What did you learn about love? Would you like the Holy Spirit to grow you in your love for other people? If so, how? If not, why?
5. What verse meant the most to you? Why?

For the Adults

1. How did the Holy Spirit minister to you through the preaching of God’s Word?
2. What part of the message or the text brought the most encouragement to your heart? What portion or verse(s) brought the most amount of conviction?
3. How does the gospel through the work of the Holy Spirit equip and empower us to love well according to these verses?
4. What Scripture stood out to you? Why?
5. What is interesting to you about the context of this passage as it relates to the subject of spiritual gifts?
6. What do you think would be the result of God’s people being unleashed in our city to love like this? How can you cooperate more with the Holy Spirit to be a more Christ-like lover?
7. As you peruse the Scriptures that we covered in the message, what is your greatest temptation to not obeying what God commands of His people?
8. Why is it so easy to become stagnant or to not be growing in the way we love one another or those who are not yet believers? Do you need to confess or repent of anything in particular?
9. How can we be more faithful and obedient to the Holy Spirit as a gospel community to love like this among one another? What are we doing well? How can we improve?

Have a wonderful week and know that you are loved!
Pastor Bond

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